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Hate, shouldn't be a surprise anymore.

Jun. 22nd, 2008

I fuck for money, to survive.

lies lies lies

98. TEN times you've lied to spare someone else pain.

1. It was really good.
2. No, really. That was awesome.
3. I like you.
4. You're really good at that.
5. Yeah. Good.
6. Lower.
7. Harder.
8. More.
9. Oh yeah baby, yeah.
10. Yes, I came.

Muse Daria Nixon
Fandom Original Character

(90) halo can't you smile for me

90. TEN TV shows you are addicted to and why you like them.

Why isn't important. I enjoy them, okay?

1. Secret Life of A Call Girl
2. The Office
3. Battlestar Galactica
4. Dallas
5. K-Ville
6. CSI: Vegas
7. Lost
8. Arrested Development
9. Friends
10. Will & Grace

Muse | Daria Nixon
Fandom | Original Character
078. TEN Valentine's Day traditions, that you have, want to have or hate.


1. Flowers.
2. Candy.
3. Hears.
4. Diamonds.
5. Pink.
6. Candy Sugar Hearts.
7. "Be Mine" printed on those hearts.
8. Skanky lingerie.
9. Red roses.
10. Love.

Muse | Daria Nixon
Fandom | Original Character
068. TEN cliches concerning your life.

1. A whore with a heart of gold.
2. Trailer park trash.
3. Pretty Woman.
4. From the wrong side of the tracks.
5. Little girl with big dreams.
6. Whose gonna save me?
7. Mommy and Daddy don't love me anymore.
8. From the wrong side of the tracks.
9. Big fish, small pond.
10. Little girl lost.

Muse | Daria Nixon
Fandom | Original Character

[mind_the_muse] can't you see the light?

People always called me ...

People always called me Anabelle when I was a little girl. It's my middle name but I never liked it; my sister started it when we were little. I don't even know how she was able to pronounce it when we were that young but apparently it was easier than Daria. Anabelle and Kelly; two beautiful little girls. We're twins. My father took her away when I was three. I don't know if he just didn't want me or if there was some kind of agreement he and my mother came to before they got divorced - something out of a Disney movie.

Anabelle stuck for a few years until I realized that it was a staple my sister had given me and I didn't want it anymore. I told everyone to call me Daria when I was ten and that's my name. It's my name and I choose it between the two I was given. Me. It was my choice.

Now people call me Pandora because that's my stage name - or it was when I was a stripper and now it's the name I tell my clients to call me. See you don't tell them your real name or anything personal about you. The job is about the men who pay you and making them feel like the ones that are important. Who you are and what you feel and want does not matter. That's the first lesson.

IN reality people should just call me whore. It's what I am.

Muse | Daria Nixon
Fandom | Original Character
Word Count | 252
"What's your name sweetheart?" The John asks as she walks around the room, discovering the things she loves and hates about hotels in every crevasse. She slides her hand down the expensive statue in the corner of the room and looks back at the man.

He's disgusting. It's not because he's unattractive (which he is) it's because of the way he leers at her and she can see all the things he wants her to do swimming behind his eyes. She gives him a fake smile and saunters over towards him with practiced ease.

"What do you want it to be?" She asks and runs her hand down his chest this time.

"Aww, come on now, don't be like that," He says and pulls her close to him. Her small toned body against his flabby stomach.

"Pandora," she breathes at him and presses her lips to his lightly, biting his lower lip and letting it go with a grin. She shoves him back on the bed and starts tearing off his clothes. This is the type of man she's used to - the type that wants her to take control and make him feel like he's wanted more than anything else in the world.

She's lucky it's not been worse lately. Her job is hazardous and she's had her share of broken bones so far but things look up and the clientèle is a little more sophisticated than it was when she first started out. She can blame that on Carl, which makes her a little sick anyway but he does keep the majority of the sicko's out of her bed.

When it's over and the man is gone she moves to another room to sink into the tub and wash away that man's hands all over her body. She does all the things she can short of scrubbing her skin raw to get his stink off her skin. She hears the door open while she's soaking with a glass of whine.

"Daria?" A voice calls out.

"In the tub," She calls back.

When the bathroom door opens he stands there with a warm smile on his face. She looks over his work suit and that ring on his finger and sometimes she feels like this just happens. He doesn't pay her or make her feel like what she is only he does pay her, he even leaves her tips in non-traditional ways.

He grins at her and she swears that it always reaches his eyes and pushes that sadness she always sees out of them. He leans down over the tub and catches her lips with his.

"You better take off these clothes before I ruin them and pull you in here," She breathes, her hand around his neck nearly ready to yank him into the water with her fully clothed.

He grins and starts taking off his suit, she likes watching the slow reveal of his body. She's been seeing Nolan for over a year now, her longest running customer. Most of the men get tired of her before they hit six months but not Nolan. They talk, its light, it's dark; it makes her feel like she's not a whore. He challenges her and tells her to pursue her dreams she listens to him talk about his wife and how she doesn't know him anymore. Which is something she hears often but Nolan doesn't use those words - just words about his life and she makes the conclusions on her own.

He holds her in the tub. His arms around her stomach and her head back against his chest as he kisses along her neck.

It's more than just business. They both know that but the game of pretend she plays is the only way life makes any sense. How does a poor girl from New Orleans rebuild after the Hurricane? Become a whore, that's how.

Muse | Daria Nixon
Fandom | Original Character
Word Count | 648
062. TEN holiday wishes you have.

1. I
2. Want
3. to
4. be
5. someobody
6. that
7. really
8. matters
9. to
10. someone.

Muse | Daria Nixon
Fandom | Original Character
049. TEN questions you will never answer.

1. Why did you become a whore?
2. What's it like?
3. Why don't you leave New Orleans?
4. Do you want to find your sister?
5. Can I take you away from this life?
6. Why wasn't stripping enough?
7. How do you put a price on sex?
8. Do you enjoy your work?
9. Are you ever going to follow your dreams?
10. Have you seen Pretty Woman?

Muse | Daria Nixon
Fandom | Original Character